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Mojo Disco's Instagram Pics Nshit

Stop what you’re doing and go follow @paintandpoetrynyc @paintandpoetrynyc @paintandpoetrynyc @paintandpoetrynyc @paintandpoetrynyc @paintandpoetrynyc 

Were back Oct 4th!
Save the date!!!!!!! 
RSVP at for more info. 

Bollywood beauty with DMX tendencies. Crusing w. @grandmaleslyn
#flashback @nene_la_shiro and I #oxblood
The cards never fckn lie b. 

This change is going to happen whether I like it or not. But this change will be for the good. Now its time to really tap into my creative Mojo and twerk this
You are why I do it. Blessed. @kb_edge
That’s why I always pay it forward. #BleeDhat
How the hell am I sick again? I curse all the allergy gods. #Haarp
Hoo-Ha(Busta Voice)